Saturday, October 30, 2010

First trip to ER...

The day before we went to Huber Farms, Ben had a little runny nose and was kinda clingy. I figured it was just a cold or something and just enjoyed the extra cuddly time. The next morning Ben had a low-grade fever but his two front teeth popped through so I didn't think much of it. We went to Huber Farms and he had a good time and was his normal happy self, just a little mellow. Throughout the day he felt SUPER warm but it was super warm out and figured it was the little teeth fever. He slept the whole way home and then I took his temp and it was 103...more than low-grade now:( and he threw up! I hated my baby feeling so crummy and didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be dramatic and bring him in if just a little cold/flu but I didn't want to be clueless and not do something to help him feel better. So I did the smartest thing I could, I called my mother, not only because she is my mom but also a talented nurse and has become the 1st go-to call for not only all of her kids but friends and family too. However, she is 2500 miles away and could only do so much. By now it was like 10 I think and my baby was so lethargic and hot and his fever slowly going up so we brought him to the Children's Hospital. By the time we got there his fever was 104+ . He had a FLAMING ear infection :(
They started him on an antibiotic and gave me some drops to put in his ear to numb it. I was supposed to fly home to WA in 2 days and was worried we couldn't go now:(...but ER doc said to bring him in monday morning to pediatrician to make sure flying was a go. He sat so still for the doctor and even gave her a big cheesy smile. Doctor on monday said his ear drum had perforated and the fluid had drained so he was good to go. I felt so bad for my baby because I am sure it was painful and I had no idea it had burst. What an angel baby I have. I am not gonna lie-the only good part was having my busy-moving-crawl all over baby cuddle with me ALL day on Sunday and he was an angel on the plane. However, when we got to WA he had this viral rash all over his face, turns out that they think his ear infection was viral, not bacterial so the antibiotics were a waste anyways.

how sad is his little rashy face?! Such a sweet boy!

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