Friday, October 15, 2010

Lance's 30th Birthday bash..

oh it was a bash:) haha j/k...It took place on his birthday but it's taking me a bit to get the pics uploaded. We just had a low key, cake and ice cream party in the backyard.

The Crew

Thanks James, Erin, & Brady-Jocelyn, Ben, Zach, & Jake-Brandon & Brittany for coming to help us celebrate Lance. Is is very deserving of a celebration:)

Make a wish... ( I bet I know what the wish was...We hope it comes true Dec. 1st!)

Ben was a fan of the cake...

I found 4-5 awesome chocolate cake recipes for his birthday and let him choose.
He chose the Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake off of Best Bites blog
It turned out just like the site and was FANTASTIC if I do say so myself-VERY rich though!! so the Vanilla Bean homemade ice cream was a very welcomed addition.



Uffens Family said...

That cake looks so good right now!! Wish we could have been there to party but glad you guys are liking KY and have made so many great friends to celebrate with!! Welcome to 30 Lance!

Rebecca Parker said...

I knew it was impressive by the description, but nice to see the visual evidence:) Difference between me n' you...mine doesn't look like the original & very rarely tastes like it, so glad t'was a success! Except don't want people in KY to like you too well or else might not give you back after dental school:)