Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Bday to me:)

Sometimes as people get older they become anti-attention-on -the-birthday. I am ok with birthdays and I am ok with being older. I have had a lot this year to celebrate and even more to look forward to in the upcoming year. I started celebrating in Oct when i was home with my family with dinner and some shopping with my mom. I saved our finds to open on my birthday:) Lance started out the day PERFECT by waking up with our handsome early riser (however I was wishing I didn't have to be up at 7:45 anyway to get ready for church but grateful nonetheless) and made me a yummy breakfast. After church we opened presents. (Thanks to mom, debra, & Beck for the packages that came in the mail:) I had already "opened" my present from lance and wore my new dress to church that day.
Ben was a big fan of tissue paper so I now feel good about our lack of gifts for him this Christmas..I think he will be just fine with tissue and boxes:)

We ate a yummy dinner and then went over to the Staller's house. A bunch of friends came over and Shanah made some YUMMY chocolate/PB/ganache goodness. They were so sweet to organize a little bday gathering--Ive made some awesome friends already here in Louisville. Bummed we didnt get a bday group pic:)
"blowing out my candle" pic...
posing with my boys:)

Monday night we went out to eat together. Ben is looking at me like I am crazy...forgive the pic quality-- it was taken in the dark without a flash so I had to do some exposing in iPhoto:)
Thanks to my family and friends for making me feel loved on my birthday!
Here's to another wonderful year!!


mj said...

happy day to you! glad to have a friend who likes their birthday. :)

Uffens Family said...

Love you Britt! Glad it was a great birthday with some great friends and of course your adorable little family! You looked absolutely beautiful! Welcome one year older!

Rebecca Parker said...

Proud of your husband's pretty b-day gift & amazed mine arrived on time & in one piece:) Glad you felt celebrated 'cuz you are definitely loved across the country:) Where did you go to dinner that had cute dessert?

Erin said...

happy birthday!!! your new dress is gorgeous!!! what a fun day, im sad we missed it!!!

Tabitha said...

You look beautiful! Happy birthday.