Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Trip to the Northwest..

in University Place

Ben playing with Boop & Jake.
Ben hanging out at Grandpa Jim's
Cait, Dane, & Cole posing in their Holiday tees

Ben and I went to UP after Grandpa's funeral on weds and were very excited to pick up our daddy on Christmas eve. We waited at security and as SOON as Ben saw Lance coming he started to lean and point and wave. So cute!

After hanging out in the hall at the Annual Christmas Eve movie (I had a sleepy but not sleepy enough 1 year old :) we headed home to get on with the festivities..
we had a wonderful christmas eve..
Beck's yummy Red Velvet Peppermint cake! Mom outdid herself-We had our super yummy Prime Rib Christmas Eve dinner but I didn't get any other pictures taken :(

after dinner the missionaries (who always join us on Christmas Eve) had to leave and dad wanted to get in all the traditions first so we played like 3 SPEED songs on the chimes--Ben loved it! The elders and dad shared a Christmas message and we QUICKLY did our "Night Before Christmas" White Elephant Pass and started on dessert in time to send the Elders on their way.

sister pic was not complete without Rach-we missed the mUffens and look forward to being all together in May.

Christmas AM: brushing teeth with mom...waiting for Shaw crew to wake up:)

Ben was thrilled to see everyone up and kept pointing at them all. Brooke & Ben lined up in front--youngest go down the stairs first...
Ben opened a book from Annie & Paige (dont remember which had his name?!) and one from Grandma and Grandpa and looked at his books the rest of the am. Lance and I took advantage of his age and left the gift giving up to adoring family:) (other than exchanges we didnt buy any gifts for eachother this year--party poopers or smart?!)

in Royal City

after church on the 26th we headed over the pass for Christmas in Royal for a few days.
Ben and Kinsey were feeling a bit caged in:)

Playing cards:) fun times!

Fun afternoon with Grandma Walker and the Cook's

Ben and his cousins LOVED playing on the scale at the nursing home! he weighs in at a whopping 21 or 22 lbs:) he and my right calf!:)

Playing & Rocking out at the the Thomas house...

the 2009/2010 Bergeson babies:)
L to R: Ben, Sarah, Kinsey

Reading books at the Thomas's

carseats? not in Royal when you are driving around the corner from
Grandma's to Chad's...Ben felt like one fancy donut:)

Did a cousin photo shoot--they turned out super cute
--we even got one or two with all 9 looking (1-2 out of 100:)!

in University Place

We are quite the party animals:)
As usual-food was a big part of the night:)
we started the night with lots of crab and yummy food
and finished with fondue of course!
then it was cards, (no pics)

hot tub..
then more cards:)
watched the ball drop:) (this was our second attempt because first self-portrait didnt get us both in it so even though this is an ugly posed kiss-im posting anyways)

did 'poppers' on the front porch

sister pic..(missing our Rach)

and toasted with yummy cider to a wonderful 2011!!


Our trip to WA was, as always, a wonderful trip! We have wonderful families that we love so much and appreciate their love and support even more so now that we are so far away!

2010 was a WONDERFUL whirlwind year for us. We welcomed our sweet Ben into our family, worked, played and loved living in UP, served in CC YM/YW, didn't get into UofL Dental School off waiting list but took a leap of faith and moved across the country to Louisville, KY. We are loving it so far. We have made great friends and are looking forward to getting into U of L from the waitlist this year!! (there is power in positive thinking! NO ONE deserves it more than Lance!!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from the LB&B Bergeson's


Amy Swisher said...

Britty - I loved the Christmas card! I'm so sad I didn't get to have my annual Holiday visit with the Shaw clan, but I was still cranky and recovering from surgery so I headed back home on the 26th. Glad you had fun and hope to see you next time you are home.

Rebecca Parker said...

Your phonecall and this post were definite highlights of my day as were the Bergs to our holiday in WA! Love you & know you will be blessed in 2011 for all your hard work & faith:)

BMSHAW said...

cute post! i love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

miss ya'll and loved having you home for the holidays

Tabitha said...

looks like fun!

Rebecca Parker said...

k, still missing very important holiday=Ben's first b-day??!!! We want to see him monkeying around:)Didn't officially happen until it's blogged of course...