Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let Freedom Ring!

We spent the 4th this year with all these fun friends...

we started with a fun bbq at Joe Creason Park
had some YUMMY food and fun lawn games + the playground for the kiddies

Ben lovin on the layered jello:)

my cheeseball

me trying to keep 5 kids moving on swings...not an easy job...esp in CRAZY KY heat/humidity!!

Ben chasin' the ladies---that'a boy!

After Joe Creason Park we headed down to the Ohio River to watch the fireworks. I won Mother of the Year award when Ben fell OUT of the double on his HEAD after i failed to buckle him up!! yup--if you look close you can see the bandaid covering the little road rash:( I felt terrible!!

Ben is such a trooper though, he was smiling and dancing within 5-10 min
--I have a perfect little boy!!

he especially loved the guy next to us and his laser pen...Ben, Lakai, & Grace thought it was their personal dance floor and were completely flabbergasted by the little thing--trying to catch the laser beam and very concerned when it would disappear and reappear all night:)

Ben LOVED the fireworks and watched in awe for most the nights. We are lucky to have fun times and fun friends in KY--but I missed good 'ole Ft. Vancouver this year and family.

family shot

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Rebecca Parker said...

Must admit I'm a little bitter that you still had fun on 4th though back in KY...is it possible when not @ the Fort? We did miss you, but you got some great pics on yet another holiday-esp love the ones where you're pushing entire swing set o kids and featuring more smiles from Mr Independent:)Awesome family pic with Ohio River in background! I also like the one where Lance is pondering his freedom or maybe how much he is missing WA sisters-in-law in the foreground...