Tuesday, July 5, 2011



·You weigh 23.6 lbs and are 32 inches tall. You wear 18-24 month clothes and can still wear SOME 12-18 mo stuff.

·You are very talkative and people comment on that all the time You are starting to string two or three recognizable words together ("what doing?” “where go?” and “bless you” when he sneezes). These are some of your words/phrases that you use on a regular basis: mama, dada, night night, more, please, cycle, bus, truck, car, what doing?, Where go?, bless you!, outside, cheese, treat, eat, fishes, snack, no, yes, bear, dog, moo, book, baby, water, sweep, vacuum, grandpa, grandma, family/friends names, hot, shoes, hat, hi, bye bye, thank you, good, cracker, drink, milk, diaper, etc. etc.

·You LOVE to be outside and can totally entertain yourself in the backyard for hours if it weren’t so-oo dang hot and humid! You still love to swing and play at the playground.

You love to dance and march and have some pretty sweet moves!

·You are still not TOO much of a tantrum-er which I am grateful for every day, however you have become a little bit of a “no” man and often say it over and over again laughing—weird and annoying :)

•You are using your imagination more and have started to play pretend- you have long conversations and use anything for a phone and you talk and share your treats with all of your toys, etc.

· You love to sing songs!

· You are on a great routine and rarely fight going to sleep

• you LOVE to clean!! your by FAR favorite toys are the swiffer sweeper and your dog vacuum:) Thank you Lakai for sharing:)

• You love playing in the water and especially love to have water on your face, buckets dumped over head, sprayed with a hose, anything--you love it!

•as promised a pic mowing the lawn with mom while dad was down and out:)

playing with turtles at JC park with Lakai:)

· You still really like to be picked up. You LOVE piggyback rides and we hear "back, back, back” many many times a day!

· You love busses, trucks, motorcycles, etc. and are constantly pointing them out everywhere we go!

· You love to color and have only colored not on paper 1x-knock on wood!

We LOVE you to the moon and back Ben and are so lucky that you are ours!!

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Rebecca Parker said...

Maybe Ben would make the cut @ denim diaper-wearing audition that you were too cool for esp in that tie to match! Sad that am missing explosion of nephew's vocab...I'd like to think it was influenced by wise cousins-maybe he can start texting me soon?!:) Seriously growing so fast, but still more hand-me-downs to come. Also exciting to be ready for nursery-whoo hoo!