Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Washington in June-Fun with the Family!

The wedding was the HIGHLIGHT of the trip but we got to squeeze in all sorts of other fun things while we were in Washington in June. Before the wedding we were at my mom & dad's and the day after the wedding we headed over to Royal City.

Fun times with the Shaw side...

Ben was reunited with his beloved Lake Merwin...he LOVES the cabin!

Above he is feeling the fresh cabin air. I LOVE unrolling the window right after the gate and smelling the beautiful NW forest and distinct Merwin smell:) Ben does too!

maybe our last pic with my parent's cabin as we know it now...its old but beloved!

Ben on the dock:)
running in the mud

We got to attend Dane's graduation to All Stars at his school/child care. We were so proud of him and he had quite the fan club:) Ben clapped loudly for Dane and every other kiddo who earned a diploma:)
we even got to enjoy some post grad snacks:)

Lance just chilling with "Captain Red Boots" a.k.a Luke

Ben swinging in the special swing at Chambers..he looks tiny in it:)
and leaning on the girls to walk down the tires:)

Got to go to one of Daner's baseball games

Ben warmed up SOOO quick to everyone this trip and remembers them all:) One of first nights home sharing dinner and carmelidos with Grandma:)

Happy Birthday to Jakey!

Tickling the ivories:)

enjoying some goods from the ice cream man with Annie and Paige--Thanks Aunt Cait!

The Bachelorette night:)--we are rowdy folks! Dinner, chatting, advice, pics, then wedding prep at home:) but it was a fun night with the sisters--good memories!!

After the wedding-which was well documented in another post- we headed over to Royal.

Fun times with the Bergs...

First things first, literally right when we got there, Grandma showed Ben her berry patch. He was not sure at first but QUICKLY became a BIG fan of picking and eating berries all by himself.

he ate dozens!!

and made a mess of multiple shirts--good thing strawberry comes out easy:)

next up for our cleaning obsessed son (literally obsessed with brooms and vacuums):
sweeping the backyard :)

bonding with mama

playing on the mower and golf cart with cousins

swinging and eating Mr. Freeze's with buckets on our head:)

Ben with his same year cousins:)--the Bergeson triplets of 2009/10
(way to mess it up by coming late ben!)
pretty impressive that not one of them is crying:)

fun times swimming at Uncle Ted's pools

He had tons of fun swimming and playing with cousins:)

pizza party with Chico's Pizza at the Thomas's

an afternoon at the Allred's pond/water park:)

She think's his tractor's sexy....
just kidding they're cousins--i just couldnt resist:)

my cute water boy...who knew? city light posts make great rope swing poles:)

running in the sprinklers at grandma's

Fun times were had by all. We love being home and have our parents to thank for making it such a wonderful place to come home to and a difficult place to leave.
We LOVE you all!--to the moon and back!


Rebecca Parker said...

Glad you made it down to the undisclosed lake if only for a day & without me...I'm getting sentimental re: cabin too! Despite pricy repair of own camera, glad we could escape together even if just for risque dinner:)(where only glasses raised were mine) n that it was captured digitally incl that awesome sunset! Bennerman can come over anytime to show Parker boys how it's done with the broom:) Would've loved to see your shirt in the berry patch...like mother like son:) Fun to see Berg cousins growing up too; we just might venture over there without you sometime since we're adopting them!

Rebecca Parker said...

Meant to thank you also for shout-outs to your nephews:) Glad you were able to be there & grateful for support of Dane in particular!