Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HE's IN!!! we're staying in the Ville!

Wow! I have been waiting years, literally, to post this post. I couldn't be more proud to announce that, on DEC 1st!,
Lance was accepted into the University of Louisville School of Dentistry!

(Berg family cookies, complete with dentist bear, prego bear, and benny bear:) Thanks mom & dad!)
We are so excited! It has been a long road and we have often questioned and wondered why it had to be so long; however, we are confident that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is the master planner and who wants what is best for us. This year--getting in was in the plan and we are THRILLED! we are also thrilled that despite having to be delayed a few years, we are now residents and will be paying much much less for tuition-- a HUGE blessing!

Lance has been incredible on this journey to Dental school. He worked full time since applying to provide for our family. He took additional courses and ACED them to improve his application. He worked crazy hours and slept very little. He observed over 500 hours at multiple offices to improve his knowledge and application. He made uncomfortable phone calls, emails, trips, interviews, and put himself out there to improve his chances. He faithfully moved our family across the country because he felt it gave us the best possibility and options for getting into school. He handled every Dec. 1st and denial the last few years with grace and poise and faith in our Heavenly Father's plan for him and then moved forward, working towards the next year. I could not be more proud of Lance and how he has dealt with the wait! He didn't need luck per se when studying to re-take the DAT because he worked his tail off, doing his part. He studied like crazy all on his own and he rocked it! All the while he magnified his callings and any assigned responsibilities, faithfully did his HT, wrestled with ben nightly, read scriptures and prayers with our family, listened to me complain about being sick and prego, worked 2 jobs, walked from work or library, NEVER begrudged or competed with those around him, -- and I could go on but i'm sure its getting annoying....let's just say, Lance got in and HE DESERVES IT. I am so proud of him, for the man that he is and for the father and provider that he is for our family!

We are glad our wait to START is over and we know this is just the beginning of another journey...a long one and one that will undoubtedly be a lot of hard work... but we cant wait! and after years of applying you can bet it will be a long time before you hear us complain about busy schedules, homework, hard tests, etc:)
Bring it on U of L--whatever it takes--LB can do it!

We so appreciate all of your love & support of our family and friends through this process--we couldn't have made it to where we are without you!!


BMSHAW said...

so so happy for you bergs! lance is truly such an example of hard work, faith and diligence!! we love him and you other 2 1/2 :)!!

mj said...

you've got big fans here in NH. we cheered so loud when we heard the news!!! can't wait for all that 2012 has in store for your fam.

Uffens Family said...

HOORAY!!!! I know how hard Lance has worked, but as the wife, I know LOTS of credit needs to go to you also! You are a great team and did it together. People get so confused when I say, "we went to dental school" and say, "oh are you a dentist as well???" haha...NO WAY! Definitely a huge time for celebration and we are SO happy for you and Dr. Berg!!!

Anonymous said...

yay for updated posts!! & congrats to your hubby!! He's an inspiration!!
PS_ sent you an invite to Sean and my blog but not sure you accepted, since it's private!?

Tabitha said...

YAY! Congratulations! That is awesome!

tarat said...