Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Bergs

We decided to brave Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. Its hard to be away from home at holidays, but having close friends to share it with makes it easier. We have made wonderful friends here in KY and we are so GRATEFUL for them! It was a bit crowded in our tiny house but it worked out perfect:)

adult table kid table:)

I braved the bird..we brined, injected and roasted and I must say it was super, dare I say, moist (eww:)--hate that word) and fantastic! loved it!:)

Ben rocked his turkey hat from nursery all week but this is the only crummy picture I got of it:( it was darling!

Ben enjoyed his turkey krispie treat with fruit and treat skewers:)

kids didnt last long at table despite coloring option but hey, it was worth a shot:)
The adults; however, lasted longer, albeit we were stuffed quickly, we enjoyed good convo, went around saying what we were most grateful for, chatted re: school, work, kiddos, growing bellies, etc. etc. and had a wonderful holiday:)

We, the L.Berg's have so much to be grateful for!


BMSHAW said...

been waiting for some posts :) you are so freaking creative!!! glad you all had a happy thanksgiving!

Uffens Family said...

Seriously think I was left out when they passed out talents to the Shaw girls???? Where was I?? You out-did yourself! It looks awesome...and my family...brought them to a restaurant..haha!!!

Rebecca Parker said...

The kids' table looks like it's straight outta pottery barn:) My turkey attempt albeit after Thanksgiving was not anywhere near as close to the M-word as would've liked, so grateful that your main dish turned out better esp with friends to partake of it!

tarat said...

Looks like a fantastic turkey day.