Tuesday, November 27, 2012


These monthly recaps are lacking detail but thats what happens when you get 8 months and thousands of pictures behind---oh well---better than nothing:)

4th of July at the Berg's

filling up the pool before his buddies showed up...ended up being too hot for the pool even!

The Low's were in charge of the fireworks and we had a blast!
even though I was scared of lighting the trees on fire the whole time:)

my sweet boys

Blake couldn't stay awake for the show 
(don't mind our glistening sweaty selves:)

a crummy camera pic of some our 4th crew

Nearly a week before this picture was taken Ben helped his dad change the brakes. Lance jacked up the cars (hence the long stick Ben had) Laid under the car (hence his position) and kneeled on his flip flops when necessary to save his knees from the concrete (hence the flip flops by the tires) I cant help but think this is sooooo cute! soooo observant! He wants to be just like his daddy! 
Good thing his dad is such a good example!

cute yellow polka dots from Aunt Beck:)
pool trips to cool off in this heat and humidity!

Blake fell asleep in her floatie and slept in it just like this for OVER an hour! ANGEL baby!
Ben's fav part of the Indiana community pool is the pull string shower:)
he rinsed every last piece of sand off very frequently

Is this Ben in a dress? My little twinners:)

Playing cars on the porch with brother:)

He is so sweet with his sister!

ROLLING over at 3 1/2 months

Ben lines EVERY vehicle he owns into a train multiple times a day:)
Just chilling with the iPad-its crazy how techno-advanced my TWO year old is!
These two know how to JAM

BLAKE'S first time in the swing!

She loved it!
was SOO relaxed and her eyes started drooping after two pushes
GONE! ( & drooling)

He looked pretty cute too!

Ben and Kaiser reading books--they are getting soo big!
first joint tubby time! Ben thought it was the greatest thing ever!
Blake all "woombie-d" and ready for BED! 
I LOVE the Woombie! best swaddler EVER!
first COLD:( sad! I hate when babies are sick!

all tuckered out after a long day..... sitting in the pool:)

iPad family movie nights in bed=Perfection!
visiting daddy at school! waiting along day to wash and iron those blue scrubs!

love painting toe nails! she held super still--soo cute! twinner toes with mom:)
Ben thought he was sooo silly---he is! a little glimpse at what 
Blake will look like in 2 years--hopefully with more hair though!
first time actually taking a bottle--too bad it only lasted for about 2 minutes:(

Blake at 4 months: 
Blake weighs in at 15 lbs 7.5 oz (77%) and is 25.5 in tall (90%)

You are rapidly growing out of 3-6 month size clothing--especially your long limbs! 
You are my little chubster!
You are still smiling a lot and you can definitely recognize your mom and dad! 
You have the sweetest little giggle---its deep and raspy:)
You can now use your little hands to grasp and therefore have been playing with toys for the past little while. Everything goes in your mouth and when mom forgets a fun toy you are satisfied to just suck on your hands which is super convenient but messy! 
You love to put anything and everything in your little mouth, occasionally your thumb and fingers--its pretty cute! but dad doesn't let the thumb stay in there for long!
You love to stand up (supported of course) and check out everything around you. Sitting and standing trump every position hands down!
You are a rock star sleeper and even pulled a few 12 hour nights last month and this month! Its glorious and even your "bad" nights are better than most--KNOCK ON WOOD!
You are still pretty adaptable and do great anywhere really--church, walks, restaurants, grocery store, mall (sssh-dont tell dad:) Your dad and I often say that you pick situations where every other baby would cry and make miserable and you sleep:)--its wonderful!

Such sad little eyes after shots:( but SUCH a good sport!
sunbathing with Arden at the pool, these beauties are only 1 week apart
I have a feeling we'll have a pic like this of these two buddies next summer too:)
friends with our babies:)

morning snuggles:) 
tummy time


my sweet little bald cabbage patch doll

Lance was called to serve in the Bishopric of the Louisville 1st ward. Overwhelming and humbling as we are still adjusting to starting Dental School. Proud of Lance and his willingness and worthiness to serve. Grandpa came to visit and to ordain Lance a High Priest. Fun spontaneous weekend!

Taking Grandpa Paul on a tour of the Louisville Zoo

Blake and Arden bonding:)

Girl's night Pedicures to celebrate Sasha's bday in the best way ever to
 celebrate a bday with a little shopping afterwards....
Blakes first pedi...(a stranger took this pic and then texted it to me--kinda weird but fun to have:)


Amber said...

Love all the updates! Your kids are the cutest. Looks like you had a fun and busy summer! You may just inspire me to start blogging again. Where's theory class when you need some computer time huh?

Tabitha said...

I wish you would post more! Your kids are darling! Are you on instagram?

I miss you and wish our kids were growing up together :) Maybe in 10ish years our boys can be roommates at EFY or sports camp or something!

Uffens Family said...

I think you were the one that should have all girls! Blakely always looks adorable and put together...while we always look a little homeless:( miss those faces, especially after getting to spend a few days with them!! Special little kiddos!!