Tuesday, November 27, 2012

May/ Happy 2 mo to my baby:)

what she's been up to since 1 mo...

Grandma and Grandpa B came to meet Blakely and as it's the weekend of the Kentucky Derby in our neck of the woods we decided to spend a day at the Downs...Blake all ready for the races:)
a day at the races:)
I cant believe we didnt get any pictures WITH grandma and grandpa B:( 

it was HOT but her little sun-hat proved to be the PERFECT derby hat with a headband to hold it on:)
At my 40 week ultrasound that confirmed Blake was frank breech the US tech said that Blake had a LOT of hair. Both me and Lance exclaimed "REALLY?" so she showed us on the screen and it looked like a ton. Im not gonna lie, i was pretty excited! I love when babies have a lot of hair and knew it would look cute with all the headbands i made:) When they handed her to me I remember asking Lance where all the hair was they had shown us---it was pointed out it is ALL in the back:) her 1 mo brought Blake's first haircut:) while it was super soft, her old man hair-do had to go! 
I just held her on my hand and daddy buzzed it all even:) she didn't mind one bit:) 

Blake loves her swing and can hardly fight sleep when we put her in it. 
It has proven to be a wonderful babysitter:) 

 Mother's Day--couldn't be more blessed! 

This was a perfect morning cuddling in bed..i went to grab something in the other room and came back to Ben telling Blake a story--I definitely saved this moment in my memory forever! 

April Flower bring May SHOWERS? Britt Curfew was expecting her first and I was NOT gonna let her leave KY :( without celebrating! I decided to go with staches and loved it!! I made choco lollipop staches...all black/brown and white food with just a touch of red. I loved this bro tip stuff in college and always thought it would be darling for a boy shower:) she ended up putting them um in his nursery so i know she liked it too-success!! i love how it all came together!
had to pose with our milk mustaches and mustache pops:) perfect photo props:) 


That night we had a perfect spring farewell bbq/bonfire:) at the Tafoya's. We'll miss the Curfs in KY for sure and look forward to Holiday reunions in Seattle-- YAY for having roots in the same place:)


May brought warmer weather and lots of trips to the playground to wear out brother:)

LOVE these little chambray shorts:) perfect with her baby legs:)  
 Love this little man---who cares that there are two big playgrounds behind him--he just needs some sticks and dirt and he is good to go! 

oh my! The swim suit/cap has got to be one of my favorites!! 
does she not look amazing in this!! i love it!! Can't wait for swim suit season..Blake is packing on the pounds and I cant seem to lose them:) 

she knows she is cute:)
first little laughs...

I love that both of my babies have the Kinnersley cheeks!

a sneak peek at her bedding in the bumper shot above--as soon as we move and get nursery put together ill post a picture. My mom worked miracles again and made the PERFECT bedding for Blake--love it! All that I wanted and more:) 

at her 2 mo. Dr appointment:)
happy before and after shots:) 
at 2 months (5-30-12) Blake weighed in at 13 lbs 8 oz (89%) and is 23" tall (69%)
Blake is wearing 0-3 and some 3-6 mo. clothes:) 
You were super tough with your shots and only cried for like 30 seconds and 
were smiling on the way home

You have big, beautiful eyes—we aren't sure what color they are going to be yet:)
You seem recognize your mom and dad but will still cuddle and snooze on anyone who holds you:)
You are sleeping for about a 5 hour chunk at night...You wake up, eat, and then go back down for another 3 hours. Thats what I call your night but you literally still sleep ALL THE TIME!
You like to swing in your swing and cannot help but fall asleep--you try to fight it though:) you are a fighter:) 
You love walks with BOB--we are all loving the duallie! (Thanks mom and dad!)
You love love love the bath time! It took a few weeks to convince you--but now you are a big fan!
You, like your big brother, had become quite the spitter-upper but we learned with Ben and quickly got a Rx for reflux and now we don’t smell like barf all the time
You, unlike your brother, are totally intrigued by the TV --you love all the colors:) 
You are an angel baby--sooo sweet and soo chill--will sleep anywhere and with anyone and I am sOOO lucky that you are mine!

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So cute! That baby shower looks awesome, you did an amazing job!