Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Break!

me and Cait at the game

Well my "fall break" was not too much of a break considering I am still working on a 12 pg. research paper, my grad project, cleaning my attic (big job!) and picking up shifts at work--but Caity coming for a few days made my break! She came on Thurs night and stayed till Mon. We did alot of eating, shopping, went to BYU football game, and just hung out! We had a lot of fun and I am glad she was able to come visit for a Sister's (some of them :) Weekend!

at Red Robin when Caity got in

with Connie, a friend of my mom's who cheered with her:)

Love you Caity-Cat---to the moon and back!


Uffens Family said...

Jealous that you all bonded...but really glad Cait was able to come down! I am sure that football game was fun...we don't have the right stations so luckily we missed them being massacred by TCU...You all look great...almost makes me miss Provo- and for sure makes me miss winter gear!
PS...we are excited to meet Paige too...ugh! Love you!

Rebecca Parker said...

Glad some of the Shaw girls got to cheer on a winning football team together:) that is, until last night-ugh! we missed cait, but glad you got to bond in Provo:) Even with all that eating you mentioned, she lost 5 lbs. per Amber!

Kjerstine said...

oh how FUN! looks like Cait is growin up! Brooke too! Don't you just love sister time??? I LOVE IT.
hope all is well in your world, good luck with your papers and projects!

Andrew, Amy & Evelyn said...

You are such cute sisters! The BYU game looks like so much fun and definitely makes me miss it. Not the freezing part looks cold! :)