Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

so Brooke was not with me and she is the champion of self portraits--this is the only one of like 5 that has me and the headstone in it:) haha--oh well!

So I know it says the 23rd but its not--its still the 22nd because I have not gone to bed yet and lance and I still need to read for a halfy! so it is still happy bday to gma max! I have so many loved ones that have passed away and the best way to honor them is to remember them. I miss my grandma all the time and am so grateful for the relationship I had with her! I remember swimming with her at the Lake, painting her toes for her for the first time, how awesome of a penpal she was and how much her personalized letters typed on her word processor meant to me, playing cards, sitting at the bar in her kitchen while she made "grandma eggs" at her home in St. George, pushing her around the garden in her wheelchair to help dead head the petunias with my mom because she could not stand the inactivity that came with her decreasing health, laying in bed with her the last few weeks of her life--locking the door and just talking (she made me feel like my silly "love" stories in HS were really important and she told me the stories of her life), I remember my mom letting me hold her hand after she had passed away--she looked so angelic! I admire her in so many ways and am forever indebted for the perfect mother that she raised to be mine.

So happy birthday to her---and many more! (I can actually hear her singing "and many more" as she always did--I also can practically hear her every time I sing "How Great Thou Art"-the lofty mountains grandeur part--weird huh?! I dont know why?! ) Anyways--Happy Birthday Grandma--you are loved and missed but most importantly remembered!

Mt. Olivet looked so beautiful with the blue sky and fall leaves so I took a few other pics. My camera was doing funny things and the lighting is a little off but they are pretty nonetheless...


Emily and Jens said...

What a great reminded me how much I love and miss my own grandparent's that have passed away.

Kjerstine said...

oh i love that.
i love going to utah just to visit my grandma and grandpa in teh provo cemetary.

ed and kelli said...

that is awesome britt! and i lvoed reading all the things you remember about gma max... i loved the "and many more" i have that on film i think form my 6th birthday. crazy. and i lvoe that cemetery, and not just cause it's full of family, but it is so gorgeous and i love how the minute you go in there you can't hear any of the traffic from the U.. it's awesome! thanks for posting this!

The Bergesons said...

im glad you enjoyed--i stopped and cleaned off your daddy's too! love you--hopefully ill see you soon ;) !