Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Belated Tanya Jo George!

I met my best friend 7 years ago--tawn tawn, tawny, jo, juan tawn, fro, tj, etc.! Her birthday was last week and sometime between when I wrote a card last week and our belated dinner date tonight I misplaced the card so I thought I would write an ode to Jo to publicly thank her for being my best friend and tell her just 25 of the million reasons I think she is amazing!

1. She shared a tube with me as we floated down the provo river like the third day we knew each other
2. She can rock a one piece denim cat suit or a white trash blond wig like it's nobody's business
3. She has an appreciation for chocolate covered fruit or sour patch fruit like I do
4. She loves to be spontaneous and do silly things
5. She likes to capture funny moments on film (as made clear in the slideshow below:))
6. She was the champion at the first annual foosball tournament
7. She is excellent at karaoke in the car--using a maglite as a mic
8. She is real sly when borrowing posters from BYU campus...or laundry rooms:) haha
9. She has been known to play in the mud, wakeboard in her panties, pee on the side of the road & do other crazy stuff
10. She can study and walk the canyon with her bestie at the same time--even when it's raining
11. She appreciates a good deal on shirts and other goods at the DI
12. She loves kids and is so good with them
13. She is an official member of the scooter brigade
14. She would enjoy Jim's Family Restaurant if she tried it
15. She is a really good soccer coach
16. She likes to have a good time in Vegas! 
17. She doesn't mind staying in a KOA campground, sleeping in the Xterra, & showering in a truck stop
18. She can start angel food cake on fire and have it still taste delicious
19. She is always so anxious to serve others and helped me to do so since I met her--especially instilling in me my love for the residents at Crestview
20. She is so dedicated to what she loves and wants to do and works hard to accomplish what she sets her heart to do..
21. She has treated me to more than a few pedicures--thanks Jo!
22. She is always dressed so cute and trendy and looks great all the time in anything she wears
23. She is an incredible teacher. I had the opportunity to observe her a few times in her class and was in awe of how good she is with the kids, how organized and creative she is, ad how much she loves them and they love her. I have no doubt she has touched the hearts and lives of the kids she has had in class and will continue to do so...
24. She put up with me borrowing or wanting to borrow her clothes all the time even though I know it drove her crazy--I could not help it they were so cute:) 
25. most importantly she put up with me and is always there for me! Jo and I are besties no matter how long we go in between talks or texts, we know we can count on one another for anything and have been there already for eachother through a lot! i know we will be friends forever--butt buddies forever! 

I had so much fun looking at pics and reminiscing! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!


Uffens Family said...

Happy Birthday to Tawn...Fun to see all your pics in the slide!

Andrew and Tawny said...

You made me cry and laugh and then cry again! BRITT you are the bestest! And Lance I am not imaginary! I LOVE you britt!

Andrew and Tawny said...

Wow did we ever have some fun times! Fun times that people will never know about or understand. I am so lucky to have a best friend like you! Thank goodness for David John Hall.