Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meet Paige! She is here!

Just learned how to upload pics from phone to computer without internet so I was able to post these first pics of Paige and the ones in last post of Luke & Bros.  Class was a little slow so I made this cute announcement for is about the 30th that I have made for Luke and Paige in the last month! I am an adoring aunt ... and a bit baby hungry myself!


Hawks said...

Your blog is cute..your cute baby annoucements are cute...what program are you using..i wanna know your secrets!!!!!!!!!! email me the

Amber said...

Rach makes really cute babies that is for sure!

Luisa said...

Thanks for posting pics Britt...I'm so excited Paige has come! She's precious...very nice job on making such a cute announcement...I would never know how to do that!

Kjerstine said...

ahh how sweeet!
gotta love the new bebes!

Kjerstine said...

OH and i want to be filled in on how to make cute scrapbook looking announcments/invites etc. toooo!
fill me in!

Rebecca Parker said...

is that same pic. o' miss pudge, i mean, paige?:) i'm anxious for rach to post more & of course, to meet her in person! you are so talented when it comes to those designs; you could make some serious money on the side so don't divulge too much:)looking forward to your turn to be the new parents!