Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Benjamin just turned 2!!!

I saw the not so original rhyme and decided to run with it:) Choo Choo Ben is turning two! Especially because he just got a train table for Christmas--it worked out perfectly:)

"When you're running low on STEAM, CHUGGA little H2O"
on the water bottles

on the gift bags and TY cards:)

I was on a birthday budget and it became apparent that I could make a LOT of decor out of 4 .35 cent posterboards and my computer/b&w printer!:) worked out perfect!
Was a little nervous about the coloring corner with train pictures but after the party I had ZERO crayon on my wall after except from one little spot from my own son on accident:)--YAY!
For the Goody bags (which I actually think are kind of a silly tradition that I may skip in the future:) I snagged some after Christmas super cheap candy coal to use for
"Train Food: to getcha where you're going!", cute train crayons off of etsy, free train coloring printables off internet, train whistles (that turned out to kinda suck as far as sounding like a train) but were a good deal online! and some red & blue candy treats from the food table:)

Most of the crew--a lot of ben's buddies were sick, couldn't come, and some had already left before this pic because I'm retarded and didn't get a picture taken till after...but here are SOME of Ben's bestest buddies:) (L to R: Brady, Lakai, Ben, Jake & Zach)

some serious coloring...
playing with "Brinny" after the partay:) Dinner with Curfs at Hometown Pizza--yum! we left VERY FULL!

The party was a blast! I LOVE this kind of thing-esp the prep & planning:) We were bummed some of friends couldn't come but our TINY house was smoking hot and plenty packed with our fantastic friends and Ben was showered with lots of love (& generous gifts)!
Oh how we love our little Ben and we are so grateful for him EVERY day!! Here's to another wonderful wonderful year!


Amber said...

Too cute! You are so clever and talented when it comes to these things. I need to have to around to rub off on me(copy)!

mommy watsky said...

Oh my! You are amazing! What an adorable & fun party!

Uffens Family said...

Such a fun party and could not tell from pics that it was on a budget at all!!! Amazing! We love Ben and think he is pretty lucky to have you as a mom!

dahmush said...

It is amazing that you have "ideas" and they actually into action....i missed that gene :) glad you got it...sorry about your childhood :)

Tabitha said...

so so cute!

tarat said...

Maybe I won't show my kids this post, I wouldn't want to confirm to them just how boring their mom is!