Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My baby is TWO!!

I can't believe my Ben is two!
We had a typical but fun day including Costco, naps, playing, and I was a mean mom and scheduled his 2 yr well child appt today. Ben was a champ. Barely winced when she pricked his finger and earned every bit of his promised candy cane for being tough and brave!
After appt we ate, one of Ben's favorite meals, "hambuger samwiches" and sweet potato fries. Then we had yummy chocolate cake and ice cream and opened presents.
Ben is getting a hang of this present thing and was spoiled by family! We are so blessed to have such generous grandmas and grandpas and aunts and cousins, etc.

Ben- my buddy! I love you more than words can say. In so many ways you seem so-oo old and mature to me but at the same time I cannot believe you are already 2! I love playing with you! I love cuddling and watching shows in the morning, sharing breakfast, going on walks or playing at the park, watching shows together, dancing with monkey/bear/hokey with you, running errands with you, and just having you be my little shadow buddy everyday. I miss you like crazy on monday's when I work and live for your hugs and excited "hi mama"s when I come in the door. Your dad and I feel soo grateful to be your mom and dad. You have such an obedient little spirit and teach us so much. You are so sweet and happy and seriously amaze us with how sweet and easy you are every day. You are silly and fun and love to make us happy and your little sad lip breaks our heart. Thanks for being you! for being ours!
As much as I love every stage--STOP growing up so fast!!

Ben is currently weighing in at __ lbs and is ___ in. tall (cant remember exacts but they are written down in my diaper bag in the car so I will update details later:) which is back up to 50% in both--way to go Bennerman!

He wears mostly 2 T clothes and size 7/8 shoe:) my baby is growing up :(

Favorite Foods: pancakes!, eggies, "hamburger sandwiches", chicken nuggets, apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, "brooke & jakey cereal" aka Lucky Charms, pb & honey sandwiches, fries, yogurt, any "canny" (candy) esp. candy canes right now:), dum dums and lifesavors:)

Favorites Toys: trucks and cars and tractors and trains:), new train table, his singing monkey, Hokey, Jingle the dog, books, balls esp. dad's nice indoor basketball, coloring, magnets:)

Favorite shows: Elmo's world/Sesame Street, Signing Times (at night), Yo Gabba Gabba, Thomas, Backyardigans, & "Jesus show" aka The Nativity movie from The Living Scriptures collection.

Frequent words, phrases: "wow mom", "thanks guys", "dad-dy!", Ben loves to point out every mode of transportation while we drive and is very specific as to what exactly he sees "mom, look, city bus with a butterfly" or "a bus with a bike on it" or "look, ambulance/garbage truck/etc,etc" or "mom, a school bus, see it? lets go see it!" or "oh wow, a motorcycle!" :)
other frequent phrases are: "one more time!", "it's my turn", "throw me" (meaning throw the ball, monkey, bear, whatever object you are holding to me:), "mommy/daddy, let's go watch the monkey dance, k?".
He frequently uses response "almost!" when we ask, ready for another bite? ready for bed? ready for nap? ready to go to store? Ben's talking in full sentences and we understand the majority of our daily full conversations with him:) He is a frequent volunteer to say the prayer at dinner or night time, LOVES to sing songs and talks non-stop--we love it! He is such a good little talker and 99% of the time he is a good listener too which is pretty lucky for us!


Tabitha said...

Love- Sawyer

tarat said...

We are so glad Ben is part of our family. Looks like he had an awesome day. Wish you could be here to play in the snow with us!