Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year! Here's to 2012!!

The Bergeson's are looking forward to 2012 with gratitude in our hearts! YAY for baby girl Bergeson, YAY for Dental school, YAY for maybe a trip to my mom & dad's new cabin?!, YAY for another fun, blessed year in KY, YAY for more visitors!, YAY for Jayhawk's:), YAY for enjoying a year with our happy healthy 2 yr old Ben, YAY for 2012! I've made multiple resolutions re: budgeting, grocery shopping/meal planning on a budget:), having a house of order, time with my kiddos, gym time, sewing etc....Jan is half way through and so far so good--here's to 11.5 more months and then some keeping it up!

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Uffens Family said...

If you want to give me some helpful budget/grocery ideas...I am all ears!! 2012 will be an amazing year...Hopefully YAY to the Uffens visiting Kentucky?? I hope!