Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ben loves walks--with BOB and Bjorn.

Little family walk at Chambers Bay.
How lucky are we to have such a beautiful view
and place to walk on sunny spring days!
Mom and Ben before a walk over to Grandpa Jim's


Kelsie & Levi said...

Interesting. Brecken has a friend named BOB too. Don't you just love it! Anyway, Ben is just adorable. I see both you and Lance in him.

Rebecca Parker said...

Wish I could join you on more of those jaunts...don't think you want to go @ 5:30A or after dark eh? ugh! so glad you can take advantage of this time together though! as a sentimental older sis, your eldest son will never be this tiny again & won't always be just the 3 o' you--enjoy while it lasts!

Rebecca Parker said...

meant to add that i think it's really cool that lance will join you on those walks too & also grateful you are representing the shaw girls @ grandpa jim's!!

Kjerstine said...

I LOVE walking this at least 3-4 times a week! Weird I have yet to see you...but prob. because I don't go until 3:30 or so! We are lucky to live in such a gorgeous place, with a view and a safe/fun place to walk!! :)