Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Go Cougs/Dawgs!

Saturday we were torn between wearing our cougar stuff or our husky stuff-so Ben sported both. Unfortunately this was the last outing for the baby cougar BYU tee but it was a valiant effort by our cougs. Now we can dedicate our cheering to our dawgs. Ben is definitely a sport fan already--he's cheering in this first pic:)
watching the game with dad:)
we got Ben a bumbo because he LOVES to sit up these days. He is still a little small and his poor neck gets tired FAST but he likes it and looks super cute and big-boy like sitting in it:)


Amber said...

He looks so grown up in his teams' clothes! His smile is so cute! We for sure need to catch up!

tarat said...

I showed Kiley the pics of Ben and when she saw the one where he is laughing she said, He is funny just like me. So cute!