Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ben Goes to Royal...

We headed over to Royal City on the 6th for a quick weekend visit to introduce Ben to more Family and introduce him to the Farm. Ben did a great job in the car on the way over and either smiled or slept the whole 3 hours (little did we know this would be one of our last pleasant car rides).

Bonding with Aunt Marnie--happy to be out of the car seat

Look at that LIP--as sad as it is--I LOVE it!!
Posing with baby cousins
--Sarah and Kinsey were both born in September--
Ben is catching up in size already:)
Ben looking dapper for church
Ben playing with his best buddy, his Daddy
Family Picture after church
I had NO IDEA how well we coordinated :) haha
cuddling with grandpa paul
tummy time!
all the Bergeson grandkids
(L to R: Ben, Haley, Derek, Luke and Sarah, Sydney and Kinsey, Audrey, Kiley)
Dad and Ben's shoes--so cute in comparison
a classic Ben face...
Ben's first intro to a tractor
Lance showing Ben the ropes
Once again documenting Ben smiling in the car--since Royal he has decided that he hates car rides and cries--hard-- no matter how long or short the ride. ANNOYING! Let's hope this is short phase.

we had so much fun and cant wait to go back
--maybe Ben will get a tractor RIDE next time!


Michelle said...

what a cute family you have! i love the coordination pic. :) you look amazing, btw! i can't believe you just delivered 2 months ago! and Ben just gets cuter by the day!

Rebecca Parker said...

next trip the Parker boys get to join you too?! they will entertain ben en route! looking forward to it as we haven't returned since your post-wedding open house & I love Lance's family too:)