Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1st trip to Lake Merwin

Ben got to take his FIRST trip to our beloved cabin over memorial day weekend. He was a sport and slept the whole long drive there..

waking up just in time to open window just past gate
and breathe in the yummy cabin air on the way down the hill..
It was love at first site for Ben and Merwin.

Memorial Day Weekend is the annual work of many. Ben just chilled and played in toy while we got cabin ready to be in:) mom and dad had already worked one weekend down there but there is always so much to do in spring. We vacuumed up All couches, curtains, & walls. Wiped down all counters And set up beds. It was then sleepable and ready for weekend of work & cleaning to prep for summer of relaxation by all.

early morning walk to creek:)

ben working hard washing windows inside & out and raking forest
(aka sleeping) in baby bjorn:)


Uffens Family said...

Poor Ben got sucked into cleaning day??? :) Jealous...looks perfect and beautiful there!!!

Rebecca Parker said...

i spoke too soon...whoo hoo! what lil' boy doesn't love lake merwin? is that a lizard that dad is holding up for his viewing enjoyment? how cool does he look taking a turn with the baby bjorn? way to put him to work mom! we haven't earned our keep down there yet--oops! let's hope the weather holds for the 4th before you're outta here!?!