Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick trip to Utah

My sister Brooke needed to have an elbow surgery in Park City at the beginning of June and so my mom, Cait, Brooke, & Jake were driving down to Utah. Lance and I still own our home in Springville had some things to get out of the house before trying to sell it, so Ben and I decided to hop in and go along for the ride
--the 28 hr. roundtrip ride:)

I was super nervous for the long road trip with my "anti- long rides in the car seat" baby but he continues to prove that he is the world's sweetest baby. He did not cry/whine for one second on the way down there--he was so sweet and happy. I literally logged the whole trip in my cell phone and he ate when hungry, slept when tired, and was otherwise happy. I am so grateful for my little man.

happy baby or not we were so happy to see this sign :)

While there, we, unfortunately, didn't take too many pictures. We got to see family, get our things from our Springville house, quickly walk through Taipan and Rod Works, eat at Cafe Rio, Art City Trolley, etc., Visit lots of close friends (still mad we didnt take pics with the Lezlie, Lanie, & Race Helm-Mike, Taby & Sawyer Pacheco-Amber & Luke Mann-and Mike, Tara, Halle & Swift Hall). We have so many close friends in Utah that we miss a ton-it was fun to see some of them.
Fortunately, we did get a pic with Ben's Great Grandma & Grandpa Shaw at their house in SLC. They were so sweet about changing their
plans so we could come visit with them.
Ben loved swimming in the pool every night
with grandma, mom, cait, boop, & jake:)

(all went well with Brooke's surgery and she was/is a super tough patient:)

The way back he did cry for 7 min total--but thats pretty understandable:)

My face became his favorite toy which kept us both entertained for hours :)


Tabitha said...

Glad you visited us on your trip to Utah! It was great to see you and cute baby Ben!

Uffens Family said...

Love the picture of Ben and Grandpa and Grandma! He is too cute- what a good mom to let him rearrange your face! :) Glad it was a good trip!! He is a sport. I don't think I could be that good.