Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day to my Baby Daddy :)

Ben is a lucky lucky boy to have such an amazing daddy. This post is long overdue-but a public shout out to my Lancer. He is such an amazing man! He is so sweet with ben and has been since day 1. While we hate his graveyard work schedule for a lot of reasons--we love having him home all day with us! He is so kind and gentle with Ben and they LOVE to play together. He honors his priesthood and always magnifies his callings in the church. He is always willing to serve others and never views it as too inconvenient (despite it OFTEN being past his bedtime:). He is funny and can always make me laugh. He works so hard to provide for our family. He is prayerful in times of struggle and frustration. He loves me unconditionally. He always out eats me:) He is frugal--which often annoys me but I know it's responsible:) He likes to do fun, spontaneous things. He is smart! He can remember the most crazy facts ever. He always remembers a face that he has seen before. He has integrity and is very honest. I love him!
Happy 1st Father's Day babe!
From a VERY lucky mom, and VERY lucky wife!

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Rebecca Parker said...

That slide show is awesome! You should make a collage frame of it too since you don't have enough pics of Ben in your house:) Ben is a lucky son to be Lance's...