Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ben at 5 mos!

* You are getting so BIG! You are wearing mostly 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes, but some 3-6 month shirts.

*You love walks and are so attentive to your surroundings. When you are in new places-you seem to look around all over taking it all in.

at Green Lake in Seattle-a family favorite!

at Chambers Bay Trail

* I still swaddle you and you are sleeping pretty well. Not the 12 hrs I have heard others rave about but about 6-7 hrs-up to eat or cuddle with mom-then back to bed for 3-4 hrs. You generally take 2-3 naps a day- two that are about 40 min, and one that is 1-2 hours. (you nap in your crib i just thought the pic cuddling with your daddy was cute:)

* You have taken a sabbatical from rolling- you used to do it quite frequently but I can now count on one hand the amount of times that you have rolled over this month, literally! I guess you are just over itJ

* You laugh—it is not consistent—but we have gotten some big belly giggles out of you and we LOVE it!

* You are so chill and laid back. You go with the flow with everything and are such a sweet boy! You are so quick to smile and have such a sweet, happy disposition.

bonding with grandpa

* You LOVE LOVE LOVE your stand up toy from Parkers, you love being up and about so this is a dream come true for you!

* You had your first solid foods this month—you have grown to love rice cereal a ton and we add bananas and other yummy treats because mom thinks its pretty boring J

* You still love the bath. You love to kick and splash your feet-so much so that mom usually looks like she has taken a bath too.

also bonded with girlfriends Jaeda & Allie at Joel's graduation party...Congrats Joel!

We love you so much Big Ben and have loved every second of the last 5 mo!


Rebecca Parker said...

i've been waiting for that video since he doesn't think i'm that funny:0 he is so sweet! maybe you can just visit him here after you move?!

Joel and Sara said...

Look at that stud with those two cute baby girls fighting over him!