Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anniversary Festivities

Left: The view of us
Right: Our view from in air

Lance has mentioned multiple times in the last few years that he has always wanted to try parasailing. We wanted to go on cruise but couldn't because I was prego. The day before our anniversary I surprised him with parasailing down at Ruston Way. It was so peaceful and so fun! The weather was perfect! We took our camera up with us and the guy on the boat took some from there. We would highly recommend Pacific Parasail :)

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Rebecca Parker said...

Thank you for finally posting!! I feel privileged to be first commenter & to have had small part in collaboration on such a fine way to celebrate 5 yr anniv! Too bad the boat was broken when I had the bright idea while still happily married or else I would have cool aerial shots too..but seriously your weather was perfect along with the cute couple pictured! wishing you many more years o' wedded bliss--even though you call each other mom n' dad now, remember you were husband & wife first:)