Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Picnic at Bernheim Forrest

While the weather was still super warm, yet Fall-ish a couple friends and our kiddies headed to Bernheim Forrest for the morning for a walk and picnic. There is a trail all around the like and bike trails and a paved car loop too... It was Ben and my first time there and it was BEAUTIFUL. My new KY "Green Lake" for my WA friends/fam:)

The kids were too distracted by the pretty water and the fun ripple effect that rocks had for them to pay much attention to their lunches--at least mine was:)
they would grab rocks or sticks at the end of the trail then run down the dock to throw them in and watch them disappear:)

This particular shot is them lamenting that they chose to throw their beloved sticks in the water and their all powerful moms could not retrieve them--proved to be a tough lesson for my Ben!:)

I was loving the START of our fall colors here in KY reflected in the water..

Where sticks are, there Ben is also...Ben usually epitomizes the old saying "speak softly and carry a big stick" however he did not speak softly when I told him we were leaving and threw a RARE Ben tantrum--he LOVED it there!

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Uffens Family said...

Gorgeous leaves! The colors are incredible...is it fall? I can't tell here in 90 degree weather and seve drought:( looks like a must repeat day!