Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Huber Farms

We made our 2nd annual trip to Huber Farms in Indiana this year--it was a little delayed by DAT prep (which Lance ROCKED by the way!!! so proud of my babe!!).

Pre-picking we played a traditional game of horseshoes--first one with a ringer gets a free pumpkin:)--proud to say Lance was the first with a ringer. He and Brandon took it pretty seriously and I was actually much closer than I ever expected to get given my terrible depth perception:) While we played horseshoes Ben collected all the balls in the field and was in Heaven--big field too so it kept him occupied:)

Curfew's & Bergeson's:)

After horseshoes we loaded up for the tractor ride out to the patch...

Being that our trip was delayed this year to the weekend before Halloween--the pumpkins were SLIM PICKINGS--so much so that we went home empty handed:)

Ben was disappointed that they were all "yucky" or "eww, gross!"

Ben and Lance saying hello to the donkey:)
sheep, llamas, and other furry/dirty/& cute but nappy-haired creatures:)

The tractor ride back--without a "punkin" :(

aren't my boys soo handsome!?!

Ben loved his Sarsaparilla and caramel apple sucker from the Curfews:)

we were tempted by the pumpkin ice cream but it was tooo cold and we needed real food first:) but we couldn't pass up samples and a pick on the cow who said "meow" according to Ben--he occasionally gets confused :)

Couldn't leave without a picture on the tractor--
Lance's grandpa has a Farmall tractor like this one in Royal:)

We always have a blast with the Curf's!

We ended the night with super yummy pizza from a new pizzeria and the BYU/TCU--it was close and we may have had a win had they played their #1 QB :) we'll get the horned frogs next year!:)


Uffens Family said...

Seriously, can we move to Kentucky? It is so gorgeous and I want to come play with my camera!!!!!! Gorgeous family pictures...and header! Love how you can see how much you adore your little man in the pictures. What an awesome mama you are!

tarat said...

Your family is so photogenic! Every picture is awesome.