Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

We stretched out our costume parties and Halloween festivities as much as possible and Ben proudly sported Elmo all of October it seems:)

I wasn't super thrilled about Elmo costume at first but the second I saw how much Ben LOVED it I knew there was no going back! Look at him! He stared in this mirror and just smiled at himself:)

Our first costume outing was
Boo at the Zoo:

We met at Tafoya's and walked to the park.
Ben was in a good mood I promise--just in a zone in all the group pics
(minus Lakai, he wasnt feeling it:)
(L to R: Koston, Ben, Zach, Jake, and Riley)

Ben with a stick--of course!

posing with Lakai on the Rhino:)

and with Elmo his favorite:), and the Toy Story crew

The kiddies even braved the hay bale maze this year and loved it!

Next was the Church Fall Harvest Festival a.k.a: Halloween Party :)

It was carnival style and a lot of fun--Berg's at the photo booth
(Ben thought his eye glass was a bubble)

about a half hour before the party I decided if I was gonna be lame and recycle my sweatshirt/costume from last year I may as well add baby Berg #2

Last was the 31st: Halloween :)
I had to work--which is always a bummer but turned out ok because I love my job and some of my patients had fantastic costumes!!

Jocelyn watched Ben for me and here the boys are playing outside:)

Then we had Jack-o-lantern pizza (courtesy of Scott & Cassie-thanks!) with the Sonicos and Stallers before Trick-or-treating:)

The kids were soo excited--even though Ben didnt quite know what he was in for--he was ready!

and boy, did he catch on fast!

My quiet little boy was RUNNING door to door the best he could and shouting "trick or treat" "Thank you" and "Happy Halloween" at every door. He was LOVING it!

He looked so big making his way to the door at each house:)

The kids were exhausted at the end but all did so well staying happy!

and Ben was thrilled with his loot!!
He kept trying to count his "canny" and would count 1-15 than start over :) I suppose I should move on and teach him 15-40 so he can count all his candy:)

We had so much fun watching Ben catch on and be old enough to kind of get it this year and I fell in love with the Elmo costume!


Mandy said...

Oh my goodness, too cute! He looks adorable...and I just LOVE your skeleton jacket with baby #2 in there. ADORABLE. :) I am so excited for you guys.

Uffens Family said...

Oh Ben makes the cutest Elmo!!! I love hearing his little voice in my head and seeing how much he loved Elmo at Sea World makes it even better:) Looks like Halloween was action packed!!! Love the skeletons too-- that was a great investment:) next post...GENDER!!!!!!!!!!!

Angie said...

I love your sweatshirts!!! How did you make them? Very cute!

Tabitha said...

so cute! It looks like you all had a ton of fun! I think Ben looks darling in his Elmo costume!

tarat said...

I love the pic of Ben smiling at himself in the mirror. You look great by the way. Excited to see you in a few days!

Rebecca Parker said...

You are so creative Britt! Looks like Elmo had a lot o fun all month long...Miss you in WA!