Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 7

Ben had professional pics taken today by Allegra George. He was not the most cooperative after a long night. It is now clear he is not a fan of being naked and alone or posed. Beck and my mom came for a bit to help Lance and I with multiple opinions. I think they will turn out awesome no matter what, but he was not having some of the poses we had in mind:) and would NOT get all sleepy and gumby-like--until she left of course, then he was SOUND asleep all day and we were able to put him in all the poses we had tried earlier--little stinker! Needless to say the pictures were somewhat traumatic for him (haha-not really that bad) so we didn't take many the rest of the day!

Lance took this one--turns out mom was kinda sleepy too!


Rebecca Parker said...

So excited to see the real deal...already went to her website today, but guess she's entitled to day of rest:) might as well have taken some sleepy ones on your own for funsies?! hope ya did, but think you got your $'s worth earlier that afternoon anyway:)

Kjerstine said...

oh britt! so precious! i can not wait to see him in person! and hang out wtih you!!! Greys starts thursday.... maybe we can have a Ben and Grey's night!?
I take GRE at 12pm and should hopefully be home from driving in traffic by 630ish- 7ish?!?!