Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2 with Ben

ok- may not do tons of quality writing on these but wanted to post some more pics for Ben's admirers who don't get to see his cute little mug daily like me and lucky local loved ones. I am biased but he just keeps getting cuter--looking a little more like his daddy these days--maybe why he looks cuter and cuter to me because i happen to think he has a very handsome dad:) but hopefully there are still pieces of me too because it was really fun the first hours/day to hear EVERYONE including nurses and family say how much this precious little miracle looked like me:)
how cute are those pics bonding with his daddy?


Uffens Family said...

Love the pictures of Father/Son bonding- Priceless!!! He is so so so perfect!! Love look great...yes from the shoulders up :) and I love you all!

Rebecca Parker said...

Yeah, the ones "& @ the end, we'll snuggle" with dad are my favs too of this day's collection:) i still think it's funny that he chose to cuddle closer with you despite your efforts to rouse him from slumber via kangeroo care in time for a snack?! just 'cuz he's small doesn't mean he's not smart...& how can you resist that precious moment even if it defeated the purpose?