Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5 & 6

Thurs-Day 5:
I've totally set myself up to fail with daily posts but this little guy changes so much that i just have to post updates. Perhaps when "life" resumes back to work and church etc. the pictures will slow down but i hope not:) he is too cute to go unphotgraphed:) enjoy!

Ben had his first appointment on thursday and passed all their little tests etc. with flying colors. with help from grandpa's head rub--he slept almost the rest of the day:) Apparently the outing, and crying for 5 min in the cold exam room in just his diaper wore him out!

Friday-Day 6:
In effort to not totally submerge his little belly button, we settled for a half-bath in the sink. He was not sure how he felt about the bath part but loved the drying off. We used hair dryer on low to make sure belly button was totally dry so that stinkin cord will fall off and he LOVED it! I love the talk to the hand one--he's very private:)

after his bath he got all dressed up in one of his smallest outfits (Hard to believe cole wore that home from hospital 7 1/2 years ago!) and looked so cute. had to capture his standard pose as "a little teapot" when sound asleep and one of his favorite places to nap-by the fire:) (dont worry, we never leave him too long as to not bake our little guy)


Rebecca Parker said...

More handsome pics! So glad you captured the bath action & thanks for posting...even though I've seen him every other day since birth, can't seem to get enough of lil' Bennerman! I like those puppy jammies too for some reason?!

Marnie Bergeson said...

I wish I could take a nap right there!