Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 9 with our Benners :)

slightly startled by the flash :)
my sweet bennerman

thanks for my sweet onsie aunt boop

bonding with grandma


H and E said...

Ok he is too cute, I love all of his outfits! You are doing so good at blogging hopefully I can be as good as you are! Congrats again, isn't motherhood the best I am in love!!!

Collin & Traci said...

Oh my goodness! What an adorable little guy! Props for blogging so much and sharing with the rest of us! Congratulations, and you look fab already! :)

Kjerstine said...

oh my gosh! so stinkin cute!! sooo what is the verdict on thursday?! greys night? its ok if you dont want to, jsut let me know love!

Rebecca Parker said...

looks like you ventured outta the house?! must mean grandma is feeling better, so good for both of you:) we will for sure be over on thurs since dane has #5 b-day check-up! If not sooner 'cuz i gotta hold him again soon...just don't want him to be exposed to colds etc that seem to be sticking around our house?!

Marnie Bergeson said...

"Chick Dig Me" - how funny! I love it. What a big guy to be wearing such adorable message Ts. Can't wait to see him!

Mike and Tab said...

Hey my little guy has that blue and brown monkey outfit too! It must be a popular shower gift! Ben is too cute!